On these pages you will read on hair transplatation related articles.

Traditional hair replacement as well as new ways of hair restoration like the follicle unit extraction or FUE method.
Scarfree, painless and effective way of hair restoration - the question is wheteher it is affordable or not?
Travel abroad for hair replacement - hair tourism experts say. Let us recommend the dental capital of Europe: Budapest, Hungary.

Reasons of hair loss, ways of of stopping hairloss as well solutions to regrowth of hair.

Have you heard of hair multipication or hair cloning to counter hair loss?
In the case of complete baldness follicles were belived to be completely absent from the scalp...
It turned out that the follicles are not entirely absent, as there are stem cells in the bald scalp from which the follicles naturally arise.

Plucking (tweezing) hair out can stimulate growth, study finds. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?
Although it seems counterintuitive, tests indicate that plucked follicles ‘communicate’, causing an immune response that leads to regrowth.

Reduced hairline, thinning hair top or impending baldness stages that can be treated to a certain way.

We wil look at the hair transplantation procedure and its success rate as well as hair replacement costs and possibel side effects.

Let us talk about non-surgical ways as well - Minoxidil, Rogaine and similar agents to stimulate DHT.


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