According to a recent study by the University of St. Andrews, there is a strong link between the hormone levels in a female’s metabolism and her beauty. The more optimal the hormonal system a female has, the more glowing and radiant she would appear. It is in fact not just your beauty that is dependent on hormones, your overall health also depends on your system’s proper functioning. The hormones in your body act like signaling blocks regulating the metabolic processes to ensure you stay happy and healthy. Your lifestyle, routine, nutrition and fitness affect the secretion of hormones in the body, therefore, it is essential to try and tweak these factors to get the most benefits from them.

Here is a description of essential hormones required for a female to boost her beauty.


Estrogen is one of the most important hormones that is actually a female sex hormone partly produced by the adrenal cortex and primarily by the ovaries. It is considered a beauty booster, as it helps preserve youth and promotes longevity. It plays an important role in shaping up the female physical features including key metabolic functions like the reproduction processes and menstruation. Estrogen also augments female beauty by providing elasticity to the skin and regulating bone density. Early menopause can be prevented with normal levels of this hormone in the body, which allows the women to stay young and fresh.


This one is definitely your beauty friend. Produced by the anterior pituitary glands, Somatotropin is responsible for ensuring the tissue vibrancy and youthfulness along with inducing a positive effect on the cognitive system allowing for a healthy brain. This hormone is significant in directing the number of fatty tissues in your body, also regulating their deposition rate contributing to your physical appearance. Since Somatotropin aids in reducing the rate at which fat accumulates in the body, you get toned and gain strong muscles that make the body appear slim and slender.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH

One of the essential growth hormones required for a healthier metabolism by both men and women is the Human growth hormone (HGH). The good thing about HGH is that it provides a strong platform for metabolic growth, as you move through the years of your life by boosting energy levels, regulating the cognitive system, and providing strength and stamina to the tissues in the body, and you can get it in a form of injectable hgh for sale. The growth hormone especially helps in promoting beauty in females thanks to its anti-aging properties. It also aids in toning the muscular system by facilitating fat loss and building lean muscle mass.

If you are an athlete or an active woman, this essential growth stimulator is all you need to ensure fitness and beauty. Natural ways to elevate the HGH levels in your body include proper sleep, laughter, regular exercise and intake of essential nutrients that boost its secretion. Since the hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, it remains in the system for some time enabling its conversion into beneficial growth factors that help with cell regeneration, maintenance of body tissues, and overall metabolic health. Considering the benefits including anti-aging, lean muscle mass and protection of vital organs like the brain, every woman must know the ways to boost its levels in the body.

DHEA – Slenderness

The Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is one of those hormones that helps shape your body. Women looking for a slender shape should eat foods rich in DHEA and exercise regularly to maintain the normal levels in the system. The hormone levels need to be regulated because they tend to reduce once you reach your 40’s. DHEA plays a vital role in enhancing muscular tone, boosting the immune system, reducing the deposition of lipid tissues, preventing heart disease and amplifying resistance to pressure or stressful situations.

Melatonin – Healthy Endocrine System

A healthy endocrine system is dependent on optimum levels of Melatonin in your body because this hormone regulates sleep cycle that aids in maintaining youthfulness. Other significant functions of this hormone include promoting youth and freshness at the basic cell level, maintaining blood flow in the body, optimizing the digestive system, and regulating the cognitive and the endocrine system.

Now that you have an understanding of the essential hormones needed for female beauty, maintain their optimal levels by eating the right foods and follow a good exercise regimen.