Hair transplant surgery is a minor procedure. There is nothing complicated about it. But like any other surgery, there are some side effects. If you are planning to do a hair transplant surgery, then you should be aware of these side effects.

Thinning of hair

In hair transplant surgery the hair from one part of your scalp is taken to the part where there is no hair. That is, your hair is redistributed. After the surgery, you may notice that your hair is getting thinner. It is only a temporary condition.


Bleeding is not very common, but some people experience bleeding after the surgery. All you need to do is apply some pressure on the area where it’s bleeding. The bleeding will stop. If the bleeding persists, you should visit your surgeon to get some more stitches.


You may notice that your forehead and the area surrounding your eyes have swollen. This is a temporary condition and will go away within a few days.


It is a side effect experienced by many patients. The hiccups can persist for a few days. It can affect your sleep and eating. If it persists for a long time you can ask the doctor for some medication.

There are other side effects like pain, feeling of numbness, itching, etc. But these are less common. The side effects of hair transplant surgery are minor. These are also temporary, so you shouldn’t worry about it much.